Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sycophant, n. a self-seeking or servile flatterer; fawning parasite.
Sycophantic, adj.
- The Random House Dictionary of the English Language
Olbermann in Love
The national news media are still entranced with Barack Obama.
That's not my opinion. That's the view of 65% of Americans who told pollsters from Sacred Heart University that the media "love affair" with Mr. Obama is either very real (31%) or somewhat real (34%).
Even 59% of Democrats agreed that the media are in love with Mr. Obama.When it comes to deciding who is getting the most favorable media coverage, 68% said Mr. Obama and only 11% said John McCain.
Sacred Heart polling director Jerry Lindsley says the lopsided results should be a message to the press: "When just 6% of those surveyed were unsure about the balance of media coverage for the candidates, it's a good indication that [media bias] is obvious to Americans -- but maybe not to the national media."
Media bias was certainly obvious last night on MSNBC, where the coverage was anchored by Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. Following Michelle Obama's speech praising her husband, Mr. Olbermann simply said, "Ye-a-h-h-h. Case closed." Mr. Matthews responded with a guttural "uh-h-h-h." Taking that as a cue to continue, Mr. Olbermann, declared: "That could not have done better from them," then repeated the phrase and praised the evening as "terrific." He noted: "There were tears throughout [the hall] among the women." Finally, in the middle of his rhetorical power dive, he pulled up: "There was just a -- I know, I'm beginning to sound borderline sycophantic on this. So I'll stop."
I'm not sure which was the more remarkable event -- Mr. Olbermann deciding he should stop talking or the truth-in-advertising of his description of his own comments as "sycophantic."
-- John Fund
writing on the Wall Street Journal's POLITICAL DIARY ONLINE

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