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I have nothing but great admiration for Marco Rubio.  I hope and pray that he will continue to mature as a Senator and that he will play an important role in shaping the future of the United States.   HOWEVER, I also hope and pray that everyone who is pushing him as a Vice-Presidential candidate will STOP.  

My reason for opposing Marco Rubio as a candidate for the Vice-President is that he is NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES within the meaning of that term as defined by the United States Supreme Court in Minor v Happersett.  

It would be very sad indeed if conservatives had to fight Marco Rubio's selection as Vice-President in the same way we are now fighting for the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama the Usurper.



(4 April 2012) With last night’s primary wins adding to Mitt Romney’s commanding lead over his Republican rivals, Paddy Power, Europe’s largest betting company, have today opened the betting on who will join him as the Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket.

Paddy Power make Florida Senator Mark Rubio the favourite to be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate at 2/1, followed by Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez who are considered to be his nearest rivals at odds of 5/1 and 11/2 respectively.

Also available in the betting are current Presidential candidates Rick Santorum at 20/1, Newt Gingrich at 40/1 with Ron Paul available at 50/1. Amongst the outsiders in the betting are Sarah Palin at 66/1, Donald Trump at 80/1 and Herman Cain at an unlikely 100/1

Paddy Power a spokesperson for Paddy Power said “Romney’s latest victories have put him in a very strong position and with his focus now turning to Obama I wouldn’t be surprised if he already had his running mate in mind.”

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate
2/1        Marco Rubio
5/1       Chris Christie
11/2      Susana Martinez
15/2      Rand Paul
9/1       Paul Ryan                
10/1      Bob McDonnell
20/1      Rick Santorum
20/1      Rob Portman
20/1      Nikki Haley
20/1      Mitch Daniels
20/1      John Thune
25/1      Tim Pawlenty
25/1      Jon Huntsman
25/1      Bobby Jindal
25/1      Condoleezza Rice
25/1      Kelly Ayotte
33/1      Haley Barbour
33/1      Jim DeMint
40/1      Newt Gingrich
50/1      Ron Paul
50/1      Meg Whitman
66/1      Rick Perry
66/1      Sarah Palin
66/1      Colin Powell
80/1      Michele Bachmann
80/1      Donald Trump
100/1    Herman Cain


All prices remain subject to fluctuation.

Paddy Power is Ireland’s largest bookmaker and a leading provider of gaming services in the UK, Australia and Ireland. Founded in 1988 Paddy Power is a publicly quoted company and is listed on both the Irish and London Stock Exchanges (


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