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Obama Made Mexican Maids Cry in College


The Democrat Media Complex (DMC), desperate to divert attention from Obama’s weak economy, has spent the last week obsessing over GOP presidential nominee-to-be Mitt Romney’s high school days.  

Like other recent Democrat efforts at distraction – Sandra Fluke’s inability to get her male partner to kick in for the $9/month birth control; Mitt Romney’s dog -- the 5,400 words from the Washington Post on Romney’s high school pranks  almost 50 years ago have backfired miserably. Turns out Romney was a typical teen, and the Post really is a joke. But the DMC’s pimping of Haircutgate has also prompted conservatives to reread Obama’s first memoir, Dreams from My Father, with an eye for vetting him as thoroughly as the amateur historians at the Post.
Romney’s mid-1960s high school years are in play? How about Obama’s college years? How about the time Barack Obama so destroyed his college dormitory that it brought his Latino maids to tears! What—you have never heard that reported by the DMC?
Let’s go to Obama’s Dreams (p. 109, paperback copyright 2004), when he is recounting a college party his sophomore year at Occidental College. Friends Reggie and Regina are also at the party, and Reggie proceeds to tell Regina about a wild weekend from Obama’s freshman year, around 1980:

Just as she was finishing, Reggie wandered out of the kitchen, drunker than I was. He came over and threw his arm around my shoulder. “Obama! Great party, man!” He threw Regina a sloppy grin. “Let me tell you, Regina, Obama and me go way back. Should have seen our parties last year, back at the dorms. Man, you remember that time we stayed up the whole weekend? Forty hours, no sleep. Started Saturday morning and didn’t stop till [sic] Monday.”

I tried to change the subject, but Reggie was on a roll. “I’m telling you, Regina, it was wild. When the maids show up Monday morning, we were all still sitting in the hallway, looking like zombies.  Bottles everywhere. Cigarette butts. Newspapers. That spot where Jimmy threw up . . .” Reggie turned to me and started to laugh, spilling more beer on the rug. “You remember, don’t you, man? Shit was so bad, those little old Mexican ladies started to cry. ‘Dios Mio,’ one of ‘em says, and the other one starts patting her on the back. Oh shit, we were crazy….”
Dios Mio indeed. Obama, in college, completely trashed his California dorm room and left it for “Mexican” women to clean. It was so beyond the pale, including vomit, it brought the hard-working women, who had no doubt seen messes every day, to tears—in Barack Obama’s presence—but he did nothing and let the immigrant women clean up his vandalism and destruction.

Hmm. Perhaps the Fourth Estate should report that (and if I were the RNC, I’d do some Spanish-language direct mail on it). Since we are always told it is laziness, not liberal bias, that keeps the DMC from this kind of investigation, here are a few ready-made questions for them to ask Obama about the incident:
1. Have you ever sought out the Mexican maids to apologize?
2. Will you apologize today?
3. When you had your personal maids in Chicago “come in and clean the house once a week,” as you put it in The Audacity of Hope (pages 341-42, copyright 2006), did you treat those maids as you did the ones in California?
4. Were your Chicago maids also Mexicans?
5. Mr. President, what is worse, cutting a kid’s hair in high school or abusing Latino women in college?
Now let’s be clear. The cries of 88 million adults not in the anemic labor market are better reasons to send Obama packing in November than his mistreatment of and indifference to Latina women when he was 20, as deplorable as it was. But if they want to talk Romney’s haircut, let’s talk Obama’s Mexican maids. Makes you wonder how he’ll trash the White House on the night of January 19th, 2013.
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