Wednesday, July 6, 2016





I just received this from a friend in San Antonio.  


 Bill, I've been in that area a lot lately and you would not believe the large Muslim population in that area.  Between IH 10 and Fredericksburg Rd. along Wurzbach is primarily Arab Muslims.Besides a mosque there are grocery stores and restaurants.I keep telling people what is happening and they either don't believe me or don't care.Better yet scared to not be politically correct.  You should see all the cabs around the mosque on Friday afternoons. I suspect the police are afraid to go in there. If not now, soon. Wake up San Antonio!Got this from a friend in San Antonio I talked with a friend of mine from San Antonio today.  She was telling me about her daughter's encounter with one of our new refugees last week.  The daughter is in her 30's.  Betty went to the HEB at IH 10 in Colonies North.  When she walked in the place was full of the refugees and all the women were in scarves or full burkas. She put her cart away and was leaving. A man in a pajama looking suit backed into her, turned around and started screaming at her in another language.  Kafir, kafir, kafir, and kept screaming.  Betty started yelling back.  A woman came up in full burka with only her eyes showing and a beautiful British accent and told the daughter that he was a holy imam and that Betty was impure and he would become tainted by only being touched by her.So Betty had enough and was going to leave and the imam blocked the doors and started shoving her.  HEB security came and called the police. The police told Betty that they are getting a lot of these calls now.  They come to the shopping center about 4 times a week.  They just moved in a big group of Syrian refugees in January and they are getting into it with the locals. So it seems that the Data point area is the new muslimville in San Antonio. Welcome to America! 
Maybe it's time for us to leave!    

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