Sunday, September 21, 2008



Guns and Church

by Charlie Daniels

Since I identify with the people who fall into Barrack Obama's elitist
description about people of faith who keep firearms, I'm not very happy
with Barrack Obama's recent remarks. He said something to the effect that
we rednecks cling to our guns and our religion when we get frustrated, and
I would like to take umbrage to these remarks. My faith goes much deeper
than his superficial explanation, and I love my guns even when I'm not
frustrated. And I am not by myself. I was going to church and shooting
guns before Mr. Obama was even born and come from a long line of good
people who have been doing it for generations.

To me this Obama blunder only helps reveal the depth of condescension the
far left wing of the Democrat party has for the folks out here in flyover
country. Mr. Obama's remarks are insulting to a lot of folks. It's kind of
like Abraham Lincoln said, 'God must love the common people because He made
so many of them'. His remarks make me think that Obama doesn't know the
people of this country very well. I'm sure he knows the jet set and the
Hollywood bunch, the limousine liberals and the save the whales, kill the
babies crowd, but does he think that the ordinary people don't count? Does
he think that they're so stupid that they don't know who he's talking about
when he says these things? Does he think their opinions aren't important?
How can a man stand in front of America and tell people what he wants to do
for them and have so little respect for a whole segment of the population?
In fact, a very large segment. Does that mean that he would only represent
the high-minded liberal ideals of the far left and ignore the rest of us?
What kind of Commander in Chief would he make if he doesn't respect the
very people who make up the lion's share of the armed forces? You may say
I'm over reacting, but I'm getting sick and tired of him making these
elitist statements and saying that he had been taken out of context
or some other flimsy excuse. After his wife's remark about not being proud
of this country and his pastor's statements calling America the U.S.K.K.K.A.
and his own statement about not wanting his daughter punished with a baby,
it makes me wonder what kind of a man Obama really is and what kind of a
president he'd make. Would he be an anti-gun advocate pushing the effort to
take the firearms out of innocent citizen's hands? Would he not respect the
religious beliefs of America, not taking them into account in his agenda?

I really don't know much about the man and neither does America. He
basically came from out of nowhere and as the facts come out little by by
little, they don't make a particularly confident picture.
I have a great fear that if our military gets broken by another president,
this time we're not going to have time to fix it again and what that spells
for America, I don't even want to contemplate.
Oh well, I guess I'll grab my gun and go to church.

Pray for our troops.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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