Monday, March 19, 2012


The GOP's Candidates and Who Would Do the Best Job

There is massive media coverage about the GOP's candidates and their pontification. Their is no lack of opinion from the political pundits. The history of these debates and primaries have shown the unpredictability of these proceedings. One day's unknown underdog is suddenly today's top gun. Just as quickly though there can be a clear leader who by a quick stroke of misfortune has to fall out of the race.

It is amazing to watch all these candidates put forth their best description of themselves and the careers in the private sector and politics. You have to admit that there has to be some truths in their claims to qualify for the presidential office based on their body of work. The media and the technology that accompanies it will make mince meat out of a candidate that somehow has the temerity to concoct stories in their resumes. Oh what a firestorm in the national media if for some reason your name makes it to the ballot and they find out that you have been lying on your curriculum vitae.

So even if the person is the most qualified there is the possibility that they may never make it to the presidential elections. I am pretty sure this has happened before and it will happen again So if I may be so bold let me side step the question of who will ultimately win the election. Just let me declare who I think will do the best job.

Let us address the candidates and try to access them as effectively as we can. Let us start with Mitt Romney who as we know has wonderful ideas for the economy. I even believe he would be a capable man in handling our foreign affairs. He is being touted by some polls as the leading candidate based on the latest results from Iowa. However we already know how out of touch he is with the common man. That $10,000 dollar bet might have wiped him out. Michelle Bachmann as we can see can hold her end against the leaders Mitt and Newt. As much as sometimes the other debaters condescendingly put her down as just a peripheral candidate she has held her own. The website Politifact though seems to think at one time that 59% of her claims were inaccurate. Paul,Huntsman, Santorum and Perry are all very distinguished gentlemen and again quite capable.

The one that is most capable of running the country in my humble opinion is Newt Gingrich. Mind you may I disclose that I am not a big fan of the man. If it was up to me I would outright appoint Ron Paul for president. Here are my reasons though for picking Newt. First he has tons of experience. In this job experience does count. He has served as Speaker. He has also cheated on his wife. However he repented of his actions and rather than gloss over his indiscretions. He has shown persistence. This quality is a must for the presidency. Any married person you talk to knows that getting married is easy. Staying married however requires hard work. Despite and because of that I gauge him electable by the American public. We love our comeback heroes as long as they are contrite in accepting their past wrongs. The truth is there is probably some dark side hidden away by each candidate. Let us be reminded that it is still human nature we are dealing with. If everything was transparent none of the candidates will ever qualify for anything.

That last statement about Newt's marriage can be construed as a negative but I believe it is really now a positive. We Americans respect the bad boy that recovers from the battle. Yes he is scarred but we consider those scars as just speaking points to be used in teaching our grandchildren the finer points in life and living.

The Republicans better hope their best candidate comes out of this process. For their sake I hope it is the Newt.

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