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McCain Decries the GOP Civil War He Started

On Friday, Sen. John McCain indulged in his favorite pastime--going to the media and criticizing his fellow Republicans. Speaking to CBS, McCain said the GOP was "dysfunctional" and blamed Sens. Cruz and Lee for driving wedges between Republicans over their fight to defund ObamaCare. 

"We are dividing the Republican party," McCain said. He continued, "I think that it argues for us to be more united and spend our time against our adversary because we all share the same principles and values and I’d like to see us do that."
Obviously, McCain has been struck by a very bad case of "do as I say, not as I do."
After Sen. Rand Paul gave a 13-hour filibuster on the President's use of drones, Sen. McCain and his sub-altern Lindsey Graham took to the Senate floor to denounce Paul's speech. McCain even called Paul and his allies "wacko-birds" who were exerting too much influence in the upper chamber.

In the weeks leading up to the Senate vote on the continuing resolution, McCain and other Republicans made the rounds of the Sunday shows repeatedly to criticize Sen. Cruz. Although McCain likely wasn't involved, a Republican office followed his lead and forwarded opposition research on Sen. Cruz to Fox News' Chris Wallace.


After Cruz finished his marathon 22-hour floor speech against ObamaCare, McCain swiftly took to the floor with very sharp criticism of Cruz. There were no doubt many Republican Senators who disagreed with Cruz's tactic, yet they didn't feel a compulsion to engage in a very public fight with him.


Who, exactly, is being dysfunctional here?


These examples aren't isolated incidents. McCain has a long history of publicly lashing out at any Republicans who disagree with him. When he was advocating military intervention in Syria, he showed open disdain towards Republicans who questioned the wisdom of yet another foreign intervention, especially since it wasn't clear there were any good guys to back.


Any fissures in the GOP that exist would probably heal quickly if we could just somehow enforce an embargo on McCain appearing on Sunday news shows.



Tom_ LetDemEatCake

Cruz stood up for what he was elected to do. You stood up for obozo. I don't think you were elected to do that. Time for you to go. Affer next years election yo will be nothing more than a crusty old fool with no power and no position in the party. Even the democrats will be done with you. To them you were nothing but a useful idiot. You are a disgrace.

rdman_VietVet Tom_

Like all old, menopausal bulls and stallions, McLame attempts to invoke some animalistic primal instinct to kill their younger, more 'robust' challengers... but no matter how hard they try, the old studs ultimately lose or worse!
Pack it up, old man... you can't get it up anymore. Time for the Cottonwood, AZ pasture.

Elmer Fruddricks rdman_VietVet

Isn't there a clause stating that when you're SENILE you can't be a SENATOR anymore?

  • rdman_VietVet Elmer Fruddricks

    Don't get it??? Old males go 'manopausal' too... with their own unique symptoms and side effects. McShame is the poster-ole' boy for old 'manopausal' males!

    • Rose rdman_VietVet

      What did you call it when he was THIS SAME PERSON WORKING FOR THE SAME DIM CAUSES, in the 60's and 70's???

      • rdman_VietVet Rose

        I called it the same way as I'm calling it now. There are many Vets who know the real story of McShame's stay at the Hanoi Hilton.

        • Culprit rdman_VietVet

          I think it's time for McCain to go also, but what is the so-called real story? I have heard these accusations before with no facts to back them up.

          • BTeboe Culprit

            There comes a point where you really just need to go ahead and retire and enjoy the rest of your life. Get a hobby, go fishing, play golf, travel the world, spend time with your wife, kids and grandkids. It's time to hand the reins over to someone else. You've done your job, and you've served your country well, but you've outlived your usefullness. Retire already. Open letter to Senator John McCain-

          • rdman_VietVet Culprit

            Following is a link that discusses both sides of the issue. You can make up your own mind.
            However, there have been hundreds of anti-McCain Hero internet sites including statements from fellow POWs that have been scrubbed.
            Then there were direct reports 'during' the Viet Nam conflict that corroborated the POWs allegations after they were released years later.

            • Culprit rdman_VietVet

              "All opinions
              expressed on this page are those of Sen. Mche website you cite, Cain's supporters or his detractors, they are not the opinions of the webmaster or the Far From Glory
              website. This page is for information purposes only." This disclaimer at the bottom of the website that you refer to, says it all. Hearsay and innuendos.

              • rdman_VietVet Culprit

                You ignore that 'certain Viet Vets' had access to intelligence reports that came directly out of North Viet Nam that confirmed McShame's behavior at the Hanoi Hilton.
                You also ignore the statements of fellow POWS, when they were released years later, that corroborated the real-time intelligence reports... all of which have been scrubbed &/or suspended.
                McShame shares the company of Lurch Kerry and Jane Hanoi-Fonda... and recently, meeting with and supporting Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists in the act of invading sovereign nations... Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria.
                McShame, the fabricated hero, should have no standing whatsoever in the Congress of the USA or for that matter, in the USA!!

                • John OMalia rdman_VietVet

                  Never heard of any of these allegations at the time they were supposedly made. Most of those rumors are contemporaneous.

                • bill rdman_VietVet

                  RD.. if you don't have certifiable sources for your claim, you are but a pawn to those promoting denigration of an individual for reasons you've no clue. On another note.. .Me, my two brothers and my dad all served but we carry the burden/honor of our service to our country without some grandstand promotion of our service as you do with you potentially bogus screen name. I just returned from Honor Flight Rochester, Mission 30 with my dad and 44 other WWII veterans. During that weekend, I heard stories dad and his compatriots shared with each other that I'd never heard him speak of for almost 70 years. you on the other hand demean someone that has CERTIFIABLY served his country, was IMPRISONED for 5 years. So Rdman, put up or shut up.. DOS, Branch, MOS, Units, Locations. Otherwise, FU.

          • Herb Culprit

            real story is, the commie bastards did a good job at re-programmng ol' John McCain. Proof is in the pudding.

          • One of We Culprit


          • Caulfieldgirl Culprit

            Between McCain's Daddy and himself, all McCain's files have been sealed by the Government. Even all his propaganda that he recorded while he was a prisoner of war....

        • sandra rdman_VietVet

          He never talks about the corrupt CIA during Veitnam and you can damn sure bet he knows.

        • Rose rdman_VietVet

          Well I know - you made my point! IF he wasn't "senile" THEN, and he's the SAME NOW, then what he's been all along is plain EVIL.

        • michigan1209 rdman_VietVet

          Sid 'the canary of Hanoi' McCain !

        • DeeBar rdman_VietVet

          rdman , Same here . I never thought anyone getting shot down is a hero . I will say that staying with his buddies was admirable but then he knew his dad would look down on him for leaving as well as his fellow prisoners .
          If I didn't know he was a (so called) Republican I'd think of him as a Progressive .
          As a Combat Vet I know what a hero is and I've seen a bunch . He is not !

        • antheaura rdman_VietVet

          ...and what was the 'real story'? I just want him to get the hell out of our way! As far as I am concerned, they "turned" him, and now he is doing all he can to destroy the U.S.

      • michigan1209 Rose

        TRAITOR ? Perhaps ?

      • Ahcma Rose

        While I don't care for McCain, do some research. McCain in the late 60's and early 70's was in a Vietnam Prisioner of War Camp called the Hanoi Hilton. The only cause he was working on was to survive and live.

        • NebraskaFilly Ahcma

          Yes, but do you know how he came to BE in the Hanoi Hilton? He was shot down while NOT following his orders. On top of that, he sang like a canary and gave up FELLOW SOLDIERS!!!! He is and always has been a complete traitor!!!!!

        • Rose Ahcma

          You've made a mistake and I grant an honest one.
          At one time I had a dozen files on McCain filled to the MAXIMUM CAPACITY, EACH.
          YOU research his POW years and these days, that takes going WELL below the surface. You will find the things he did that the MSM has worked hard to shut off any conversation about. Like WHY John McCain and John Kerry worked so hard together to get their two military records sealed, and buried a lot of POWS doing it, preventing a lot of MIA KIA answers also from coming forward.
          He himself hasn't AS MUCH LIED about it as STONEWALLED and let people such as yourself STAUNCH the airing of his dirty laundry with a LOT of IGNORANT AND NON-INFORMED SUPPOSITIONS and SPECULATIONS.
          PREVENTING some TRIALS for their CORRUPTION.
          INCLUDING for things McCain did as a Pow.
          In the CRASH of moral values and the anti-vietnam war "backlash" MSM CAMPAIGN for MARXIST GOALS all making it hard for JUSTIFIABLE MORAL CONCERNS to be investigated without being treated the same as so-called "BEDROOM POLICE, they know and CARE NOTHING of what military KNOWS is conduct UNBECOMING. What was prosecuted in others was also NOT prosecuted in McCain because he happens to be son and grandson of the FIRST Father/Son COMBO of 4 Star ADMIRALS, his father was Commander of the PACIFIC ARENA during Vietnam, and his grandfather the commander of the WWII carrier fleet arena. and there were several other of his grandfathers in TOP high command, in the Revolution, and the Civil War.
          They weren't about to let this disastrous Lt go down in flames, no matter what destruction he wrecked on the Navy, on our military goals, how many lives were lost and forever crippled by his brash and rebellious conduct. No matter how many inconsistent lies he told about his own conduct.
          You may find 1 or 2 dozen Vietnam Vets who say they admire him. But you cross this land and you'll have a hard time out of the VFW halls finding VIETNAM VETS or anyone dealing much with the VA and VA MEDICAL services who wouldn't vote in a jury box for him to be hanged for Treason.
          You may want to discount THIS SITE, which I do myself, totally, but you investigate the names AND EARNED REPUTATIONS of the Military personnel in this article, the background stories of which used to be READILY AVAILABLE and are only left in sites such as this one NOW because the name of the site itself DISREPUTES the FACTS in the article. But I'm 62, the age of the bottom rung of Vietnam Veterans - and I've heard these stories on McCain from great men, all my adult life. Mostly from the men themselves in live TV interviews, and NOW-SCRUBBED SITES that were put up by these men themselves saying exactly what they said in the camera interviews.

          "JOHN McCAIN IS NO HERO!"
          A special commentary by's editor, Hugh E. Scott
          I haven't always disrespected Senator McCain. Quite the contrary, because I'm a Vietnam veteran, ex-Air Force pilot and lifelong registered Republican, he used to be a big hero of mine.
          My feelings changed in May 2008, when I began investigating "swift boating" rumors about his POW record. During the facts-check, I ran across an article about John by the late Colonel David Hackworth, a much-decorated career Army officer, Vietnam combat legend and popular TV guest commentator Colonel Hackworth.
          In 25 years of active military service, which spanned the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, "Hack" received 78 combat awards, including the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star with "V," Air Medal and eight Purple Hearts.
          Before his death in 2005 from cancer, Col. Hackworth wrote the following:
          John McCain is being hailed by the press as a "genuine war hero." But is he a war hero in the conventional sense like Audie Murphy and John Glenn? Or is his "war hero" status the creation of a very slick publicity campaign that plays on flag, duty, honor and country?
          see more

          • Ahcma Rose

            I never said he was a war hero. I said he was a POW. You've said a lot of words without giving out any facts. Since DailyKos is a left wing media group, I take whatever they say with a grain of salt. Medal of Honor winner Col Bud Day, (who passed away recently) has ALWAYS supported the fact that John McCain was a POW. Why??? Because he was his roommate at the Hanoi HIlton. Are you going to say he was a liar and supported these supposed lies???

            • Rose Ahcma

              I told you Kos' record before I posted the link. But the INFORMATION I gave you is INDIVIDUAL NAMES of REAL HEROES who told the truth about McCain, and that is a SOURCE ANYONE CAN USE to chase down the real truth about McCain.Bud Day doesn't have to support the FACT THAT McCAIN WAS A POW - EVERYONE KNOWS HE WAS. His father was the ARENA COMMANDER AT THE TIME he went down. You cannot take Col. David Hackworth's reputation and testimony with a grain of salt. HIS reputation was no FALSE ATTRIBUTION by political well-wishers who needed Day to prop up others. Just because you don't know beans about the military doesn't mean that everyone else can't figure out how YOUR story unravels JUST ON THOSE FACTs. The names of the prisoners were given to the Military, the State Dept. and RED CROSS by the North Viet Cong within DAYS of their capture. When things are plainly see by the world like McCain lighting up cigarettes while a POW, EVERY MILITARY MAN IN THE WORLD knows his father's SHAME.
              You can lionize Col Bud Day, but you cannot trash the hundreds and thousands of other Vietnam Veterans who EARNED their stripes and their credentials. Dims and RINOS have tried, for the sake of the likes of McCain and Kerry.
              But the VOTING RECORDS of both McCain and Kerry back the CHARACTER PICTURE of these mens' REPUTATIONS among Service Men.
              Men of the character that Bud Day PAINTED would never has shoved the mother of Mia/Kia/Pow out of her wheelchair on the Senate floor in a publicity stunt that hit the air in the day it occurred much like Benghazi did - we just didn't have the means in those days to build the conflagration backlash we can do these days.
              And the SCRUBBING over that incident is unbelievable, hiding yet another Viet Cong massacre and that of our USA MILITARY'S best South Vietnamese allies - 800-900 thousand destitute villagers and farmers - all for John Kerry's family business venture in South Vietnam WITH the North Viet Cong.
              Bud Day cannot dismantle the TRUTH.
              Another like it is "Wet Start" McCain's excuses for transferring off the USS Forrestal instantly after the fire.
              see more

          • OceanGram Rose

            OH , so that's what Obama has on Mc Cain...I knew he had to have something on him for him to betray the constitution and the conservative party..the old son of a b..t

            • Rose OceanGram

              Everyone who WANTS to has this stuff on McCain. Anyone who got curious about McCain fighting Reagan, helping Clinton, SIDING with TED KENNEDY and then HANOI JOHN had to start digging, IF THEY DID NOT ALREADY KNOW from reading the biographies of Vietnam HEROES. Back in the 80's, wondering how he could vote anti-military, shaming his dad and grandfather...
              John Kerry's foot soldiers stoled Winter Soldier from the public libraries, and tons is scrubbed back off the internet, about both of them, and too many of the Vietnam Heroes have passed away, but their hardback books exist, and the remaining Vietnam Vets and those who have known them well all still have memories that may take some stirring, but it can still be pieced together.

        • Doug White Ahcma

          NOT TRUE

      • AlmostaCowboy Rose

        Didn't say anything, genius + the 9 up-voters. was a POW until 1973. He He was first elected to public office in 1983.

    • Richard Haley rdman_VietVet

      No he is not. He is most definitely worse than an old menopausal male.
      To me, he is showing the preliminary signs of the onslaught of dementia.

    • antheaura rdman_VietVet

      Then they should have chunked the old bat Pelosi a LOOONG time ago, and get ready to put the cuffs on hillary, because BOTH need to go. And that's just the VERY SHORT list!

  • digitalPimple Elmer Fruddricks

    here -- someone is trying:

    • 2SUTHRN digitalPimple

      ^ Haha! ! ! ! ! :-) That's the funniest thing I've seen all week. Thank you for the laugh...about spit my drink out from laughing so hard.
      Funds should go towards a Tea Party challenger in the primary. Remove the senile old POS once and for all. I can respect his service as a fellow military member but hate the way he is helping destroy the Republican Party.

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