Thursday, October 27, 2011



Lately, on his never ending campaign trail, Barack Hussein Obama has be chanting the same refrain over and over:  "We can't wait for Congress to act!" 

I just listened to Karl Rove say in an interview that Obama's repetition of that phrase is just a campaign slogan.  I think that Rove is wrong.

My intuition is that Obama is softening up the American public to accept his exercise of raw executive power through the issuance of more Executive Orders just like the one he issued last waiving the rules of student loans, bypassing Congress who's right it is under the Constitution to

Governing by Executive Order rather than by engaging in the political process of working with Congress to achieve changes in any law is a prelude to the establishment of government by decree and that is something that is characteristic of dictatorships, not a republican demoncracy.

American can hardly afford to wait beyond November 06, 2012 to end this unconstitutional presidency.

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  1. A bold move but one he could not put in the Que for debate. He should no more if he is a leader.

    The youth is getting more aggressive and the Baby Boomers should wake up. This wave is the first sign of a Tsunami which will find a catalyst for explosion within the next two years. This is a non-violent protest for now, but it will not be so for long. The signs are there, and the cracks larger than those shown on the media. Negativity about our prospects about work and affordability is getting worse and this signifies to the crowds that there is no solution, great way to lead, right?! The social Web services are being used to launch pretty daunting figures of future prospects and the Warren Buffet's and Bill Gate's, CIA, Obama crowd should note where this is leading. The way I see it, is that a new type of Socialism is in the cards, and will become a force sooner than later. The contribution of the inability to take charge by the Republicans and Democrats, to show strength, has told their followers that those parties don't have what it takes. Sharing for comfort in difficult times is getting a better foothold every day. The one thing which amazes me is that not one Leader is taking steps to stop births altogether. This is the single most intriguing point in our lifetime. One Billion people is living in poverty but we keep on producing babies, and producing, and producing.