Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ferdinand and Isabella must be turning over in their graves!
Their reconquest of Spain from the domination of the Moors/Muslims made Spain a Country where the Catholic faith flourished, the population grew and Spain became rich and powerful.
Spain declined under the weak Bourbon kings but after the Civil War in the last century Spain prospered and it looked as though Spain would become a major player in Europe. Now, no more.
Under the Socialist government of Zapatera Spain has again begun a decline.

Mark Steyn, writing in the National Journal's CORNER today, informs us:

."In formerly Catholic Spain, meanwhile, the land of the upside-down family tree (four grandparents, two children, one grandchild), they're still going forth but they're not multiplying:

Abortion Now Number One Cause Of Death In Spain

Under Spain's practically nonexistent restrictions, abortions have more than doubled since the mid 1990s, climbing from 51,006 in 1996 to over 120,000 in 2007. The abortion rate is now approaching one in five pregnancies (18.3%), according to the report...

The IPF report also notes that the proportion of women having their second or later abortion has risen substantially since 2000, from 23% that year to 31% in 2006...

Spain's abortion rate is a major contributor to the country's worsening demographic problems.

They've still got a ways to go to catch up with Russia, where two-thirds of pregnancies are terminated (by killling the unborn child)"

The demographic implications for Spain are ominous. The birthrate among Muslims, who do not practice abortion, is high and so at some point in the future the descendents of the Moors will celebrate the re-reconquest of Spain.

Russia is faced with the prospect that the -stan republics to its South will one day be in a position to conquer Russia for the same reason.

- Leo Rugiens

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