Sunday, December 21, 2008


In the preceding post Jeff Jacoby does a wonderful job of contrasting the events of 1968 with the glorious first view of the earth from space we ever had.
Among all the miseries of the year 1968 Jacoby, being a Jew could be excused for not including in his list an event which marked the watershed moment for Catholics and their confortable existence within the Faith.
1968 was the year in which Pope Pius VI, with magisterial authority, published his important Apostolic Letter: HUMANAE VITAE.

The reaction of those who had bought into the sexual revolution which began in mid-Twentieth Century were suddenly challenged by a magisterial teaching of the Vicar of Christ.
The dissent, which began in the halls of academe was fanned into full blaze by the secular media which saw in the dissent a way of doing significant damage to the faith of millions of Catholics in the pew.

We have not recovered from that disastrous time in 1968.
We can hope that the New Year of 2009 will see further recovery under the leadership of Pope Benedict XVI.

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