Wednesday, December 31, 2008


WATSON: The trip to Africa which Rahm Emmanuel is now making is a big mystery. What is your solution to this mystery, Holmes?

HOLMES: Elementary, my dear Watson! Emmanuel has gone to Africa in order to transact some business in Kenya.

WATSON: In Kenya? Why Kenya and what kind of business?

HOLMES: Again, elementary my dear Watson! Kenya is where Barack Hussein Obama was born and the Government of Kenya has been boasting about their native son who is about to become President of the most powerful nation in the world.

WATSON: Are you suggesting, Holmes, that Barack Hussein Obama has some connection with the Government of Kenya?

HOLMES: Most certainly, Watson. It was just a few years ago, while serving as a Senator in the United States Senate, Barack Hussein Obama travelled to Kenya and campaigned for the election of his uncle Odingo to be President of Kenya. It was a close election and Odingo lost, but he did not concede the election and Kenya was racked by violence as Odingo’s supporters rampaged, murdering many people. The man elected President compromised and made Odingo his Deputy and peace was restored to the country.

WATSON: Barack Hussein Obama must be proud of his Uncle Odingo.

HOLMES: Yes, and Kenya is proud of Barack Hussein Obama. His paternal grandmother has been interviewed and taped saying that she was present at his birth in Mombasa, Kenya.

WATSON: But Holmes, I do not understand what that has to do with Rahm Emmanuel’s trip to Africa.

HOLMES: Elementary, Watson! It is not in Barack Hussein Obama’s best interest for Kenya to be boasting so much about their favorite son, and so Rahm Emmanuel’s task is to shut them up and to try to destroy Obama’s birth record in Mombasa.

WATSON: How can he do that?

HOLMES: He can promise Kenya millions of dollars in foreign aid if they will just do as he asks them to do.

WATSON: But, Homles, why does Emmanuel have to go to Kenya to do that?

HOLMES: Do not be so naive, my dear Watson! It would be impossible to accomplish that from Washington without leaving a paper or electronic trail that could later be used to impeach Barack Hussein Obama. Witness the trouble Governor Blogojevich is in becuause he was foolish enough to try to sell the senate seat over the telephone.

WATSON: Thank you, Holmes. You have certainly solved this mystery!

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