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He has a number of names.

He has a number of life stories.

He has a number of autobiographies.

He has had a number of fathers.

He attended a number of schools.

He lived in a number of countries.

He has a number of half siblings.

He claims a number of religious traditions.

One would think therefore that we would know quite a lot about the fellow.

One would be wrong.

He is truly The Man Without A Past, a man invisible behind his carefully constructed public veneer. Very few from his past—no one, neither friend nor foe—really mention him. No male companions over his 40 odd years on earth have ever come forward and said what a fine fellow he is.

His associates he routinely discards when their usefulness to him has run its course. His enemies he ruthlessly attacks using every means and lever of government power. The nature and size and status of the enemy is irrelevant. He is to be ruined no matter how trivial the attack.

He has vowed to protect the nation he leads, yet he is actively engaged in its disarmament. He is very comfortable appearing among nations who routinely engage in hostility toward the US. He ends his speeches with “God bless America.” but spent 20 years listening to a pastor who regularly said, “God damn America!” He claims love for the nation yet every one of his associates is a long-time America hater. He promised to uphold the Constitution yet every one of his policies ignores it. He says he is a Christian yet refers to the Koran as “holy.”

Nothing spontaneous from his mouth is natural, fluid, conversational, convivial. All must be fed him from a machine—sometimes two in fact. Without his mechanized speech machine his talk is stammering, halting, inarticulate.

Is there anything about this fellow that is real? Is there anything about this fellow that is normal? Does anyone you know act like Obama?

What goes on here? Who the Hell is this guy?

Hat tip: Bookworm Room and Mark Hyman.

The View From Dante’s Peak

B. Hussein Obama is a Muslim. We need no longer express any doubt concerning the matter. Indeed, some folks before the election claimed he was—but of course they were slandered from all the right places by all the right people. If you have any doubts about Obama’s faith, ask yourself if Obama’s foreign policy would be any different if it were all arranged from Riyadh.

So it is settled. That dreaded middle name, the most definitely Islamic “Hussein”, the name whose very mention before the first week of November was anathema, a sign of racism and bigotry, now has become a badge of honor, a source of pride. Now Obama mentions it time and again in front of those Muslims whose like minded brethren leveled some towers in New York awhile back. Ah, but why mention that? Better and easier to push around the Jews. After all, that is the Muslim thing to do.

Those hundreds of millions of Muslims certainly know that until Obama came they had no hope of ridding themselves of the Jewish pest. True, there are 350,000,000 Arab Muslims in the vicinity of Israel—give or take a few stray Bedouin—but these hearty and brave souls could make no headway against a few million Israelis plopped down right where the Arabs wish to squat. No, these Arabs were outfought, outthought and outwitted time and time again by those damned crafty Jews. Such shame!

But now Allah has seen fit to bestow upon the earth an Islamic champion, a veritable reincarnation of Saladin, in the heart of the Great Satan itself. Now at last will Israel be brought to destruction by this very same champion who lives and reigns from Washington. B. Hussein has already put such pressure upon the Jews in the Holy Land that, should they submit to his wishes, they will be dismembered as a nation and be at the tender mercies of a race of barbarian illiterates whose main contributions to civilization have been bizarre misogyny and rather ceremonious beheadings.

So we elected a Muslim last November, and now we reap the fruits of that Islamic victory. A pity we could not have elected Dante Alighieri. He was a fellow who really knew where to put Islam—literally. And what Dante thought of that old pedophile prophet Mohammed is not pretty.

Dante (1265-1321) began to write his masterpiece The Divine Comedy in 1300. It has 100 chapters—cantos—placed in 3 sections: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. It is Dante’s Inferno—what we call Hell—that most entertains the modern mind, and with good reason. It is simply more fun to indulge our fecund imaginations with visions of damnation than of redemption.

Dante populated his Inferno with a host of grotesque sinners, among them suicides, murderers, sodomites, gluttons and sowers of discord. If he wrote today he would place the entire Democrat Party there. In the Inferno is where Dante placed Mohammed and his son-in-law Ali. You can see Dante with his guide Virgil below in this woodcut by Gustave Doré (1838-1883) as they witness the eternal punishment handed out to them. Mohammed is doomed to forever have his body ripped apart. Both he and Ali are seen chased by an avenging demon. As I said, the vision is not a pretty one.


No cask without an end stave or a head
E’er gaped so wide as the one shade I beheld,
Cloven from chin to where the wind is voided.
Between his legs his entrails hung in coils;
The vitals were exposed to view, and too
That sorry paunch that changes food to filth.
While I stood there watching him
He looked at me and stretched his breast apart,
Saying: “Behold, how I split myself!
Behold, how mutilated is Mahomet!
In front of me the weeping Ali goes,
His face cleft through from forelock to the chin;
And all the others that you see about
Fomenters were of discord and schism:
And that is why they are so gashed asunder…”
Inferno, Canto 28.

Imagine the outcry if such words were written today. The fact of the matter is that they could not be written today. We are too benumbed with multicultural pap that if some man wrote such things in our day and age he would be accused of the usual slanders—bigotry, racism and all the rest. Dante lived in a more decent, a more noble, a more honest age. What he wrote about Islam and its founder was the received wisdom of the day. It still should be.

We could use a Dante these days. He would certainly not bow down to any ancient and berobed Muslim potentate but would surely give him a swift kick in his Islamic butt. Obama would get one too, one hard enough to send him back to those fetid Islamic lands from which he sprang.

Update: The title says it all, America’s First Muslim President? The author might have his doubts, though I have none.

A World Turned Upside Down

Any man, no matter his politics or religion, can recognize that we are a different nation today than we were 50 years ago. Take a look at our cultural artifacts from those long ago days and compare them to those of today. One is either shocked to admit how we were or shocked to admit how we are. Some of the changes are trivial. Some are not.

In the moral realm we see that 50 years ago there were subjects one did not discuss among decent society. They were considered so base that no rational man would engage in them, and men who did were viewed as degenerate souls in need of redemption or incarceration. Now such things are paraded around like badges of honor. Men who practice such things are held in esteem by the avatars of culture and politics. Vast sums of tax monies have gone into creating special sanctuaries for these men so that they may indulge in their habits with no fear of retribution and they may with confidence recruit others into their practices.

A man living today with his moral sense firmly attuned to that of America 50 years ago will naturally ask what has happened. Why what was seen then as evil now seen today as good? Why has the America of the past seen now as an empire of repression, scarcely concealed hatreds and myriad phobias? To such a man the world must seem turned upside down. He does not recognize what he sees in the streets, in the classrooms, in the world of entertainment.

Of course, there are many who see the changes in our land as simple progress, as moving from the dark into the light. These folks view themselves as truly modern, as truly free, as truly uninhibited. They look upon their fellow citizens who possess those ancient moral views as dangerous Neanderthals and hate-filled bigots. They find it necessary to enlist the entire apparatus of the State to stop those extremists from injecting their hatreds back into the nation.

So why the moral inversion from 50 years ago? Why has black become white? Or as others would have it, white has become black? Here are some clues from The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan. The author as well has noticed the changing moral climate. He is not pleased.

It is a terrible sign of corruption, because it means that our generation is no longer ashamed of evil, but flaunts and exalts it. Now it has reached the final stage of depravation, when sin comes out of the darkness of shame in which the light was confining it, to exhibit to the world its arrogant and wicked face. Today evil openly challenges God, almost to the point of provoking His justice.

When humanity touches those abysses of iniquity, it will mean that the end times have arrived, in which will be revealed ”the man of sin” and “the son of perdition”, as Saint Paul called the antichrist.

Think what you will of the author’s conclusions. But no one can deny that what was once considered evil, now in these times is acted out in public without shame, in a flaunting arrogance that admits to no limits whatsoever. Visit any “Gay Pride” parade and you will see exactly that. Witness the power of the State as it arrogantly forces all parts of the nation to admit into their lands abortion mills wherein children are ground to paste. Notice as well that all subjects of this State are coerced into paying for this privilege, their own thoughts on the subject being of no account whatsoever. Truly this is a regime that boldly parades its power before God and man, fearing no possible retribution at all.

I once heard a story about an older Baptist pastor who had attended a conference in—of all places—San Francisco. As part of the package deal the pastor had received from the hotel he stayed at was a carriage tour of the city. After taking the tour, someone asked him, “Pastor, what do you think of San Francisco?” He replied with no hesitation, “If God does not destroy this city, then He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.”

As Jefferson said about another evil, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

We had best get our lives and our moral houses in order—just in case. At any rate, this is a good idea no matter the times in which we live.

Update: New Wineskins has his own conclusions. Things do indeed seem to be arriving toward something. Some of us will be joyful on that day. Some of us won’t.

Update: Naturally these new times in which we live demands a new god. A god who will straddle the world like a colossus. A god who is not restrained by the bigotry and phobias of our past. A god who will be worshipped even before the old God has died.

Our times have cried out for just such a being, and he has finally come unto to us. He is the messiah of this present darkness.

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