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I visited the city of Portland, Oregon several times back in the last Century. I had a wonderful time. The city is beautiful.
The region is beautiful.

The last time I was there I was retracing the footsteps of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. I visited the campsite on the coast where they almost died of starvation after having finally arrived at the Pacific Ocean.

Something happened to Oregon and the City of Portland after I last visited it. What happened was that thousands and thousands of radical-left liberals fled the economic disaster that California had become and moved to Oregon. And they moved to the State of Washington and they moved to Colorado. Those three states have now become infected with the culture of California, and they are in danger of dying.

If Lewis and Clark could have known what Portland would be like in 2009 they probably would have turned back at the Lolo Pass and not continued on their hazardous journey.

Scipio, with his gift of social analysis and his usual bluntness presents us with a picture of the City and State that has given us, among other things, assisted suicide.

- Leo Rugiens


I am spending two weeks in Portland

with my brother and his family.

They are about the finest people on the planet.

They live and thrive here, but after just a few days I miss my revolvers.

It is probably a good thing I left them at home.


it is hardly possible to imagine a city

more different from Oklahoma City than Portland.

This place is chock full of crazy folks,

and offers all sorts of things nearly unavailable in Oklahoma City.

The usual signs of decay are present,

including in abbreviated form all the moral depravity exhibited in San Francisco.

Aggressive, alcoholic, drug-addicted and urine-stained homeless;

public fountains used as lavatories;

parades of homosexuals working their obscenities in broad daylight;

gaggles of teens festooned with tattoos and piercings;

used needles (and other used devices) littering streets and byways;

parks rendered unsafe when the sun goes down.

Welcome to Portland!

The reasons for this public depravity are the usual ones.

Since the 1950s, if not earlier, Portland has strongly favored the Democratic Party at all levels of government. Although local elections are nonpartisan, most of the city’s elected officials are Democrats. Democrats also dominate the city’s delegation to the Oregon Legislature.

Are we surprised?

Some mayors of this madhouse deserve special mention. The present one is Sam Adams. He is an outspoken sodomite. He likes little boys whether or not they like him. He has the habit of exposing himself to random folks just passing by his house. Another mayor, Neil Goldschmidt, liked little girls whether or not they liked him. Both Goldschmidt and Adams have a great deal of political power here, of course. They are among their own kind.

Quick: Guess their political party! Hint: It is the same as that of sodomite Barney Frank, girlfriend drowner Ted Kennedy and socialist liar Barack Obama.

What is it with Portland? There must be something in the water here.

Perhaps we should do a mind game. Imagine a child raised on natural spring water. Around the age of 5 the parents begin to place a drop of urine into his water every day, increasing the amount of urine over the years. By the time the child is an adult he is drinking pure urine. So accustomed to urine does he become that the taste of spring water becomes unpleasant. He cannot understand why some people drink spring water, and he believes them crazy for doing so. He also thinks that the legions of illnesses he gets from drinking urine are not really illnesses, but rather signs of a healthy mind and body.

Such is the current state of much of the good and true people of Portland. They are really urine drinkers, and have been for a long time. So many Portlanders have been drinking cultural urine that they have lost the ability to discern disease from health, good from evil and truth from falsehood. The result is confusion everywhere and at all points—moral, political and theological.

Need I add that Portland has the lowest church attendance of any mid-size city in the US? And that there are more strip bars and sex shops per capita here than any major city in the world? And that entire sections of the city are given over to sodomites and lesbians? You can observe them working their depravities in public, if you have a strong stomach.

Who would choose to raise children in this grotesque and cut-rate Gomorrah? Actually, this is not a worry, for every year schools are closing due to lack of kids. Lesbians and sodomites are not known for their ability to generate children, though they do on occasion resort to the adoption agency and the test tube.

And just as naturally Portland is a haven for all the political idiocy known to man. The urine drinkers here are in lock step with the media and the current regime in Washington DC—and pardon that redundancy. Portlanders think themselves sophisticated because they all agree among themselves on the essentials of what passes for educated opinion on: the role of he UN, multilateralism, religion in the public square, US foreign policy, the military, the Kyoto Treaty, public education, abortion, environmentalism, global warming, conservative thought, liberal thought, affirmative action, the death penalty and the 2nd Amendment. Portlanders affirm each other, refer to each other and congratulate each other. There are no real public dissenting voices here. None could survive without a titanic struggle, but local radio guy Lars Larson soldiers on, right in the belly of the beast.

When Christ comes back, He will have it out with this city. It will well deserve its fate.

Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. The company is the best around, the food is good and the talk is refreshing. And I have lots of beer.


The Urine Drinkers

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