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Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 9:06 AM

2012 Senate election map.svg

It will take four seats to put Mitch McConnell's many talents to work in the job of Majority Leader.

It would take 14 to smash the hard-left's filibuster in the upper chamber which would allow McConnell, Speaker Boehner and a new president the ability to tackle the fiscal/defense crisis without the obstruction that stalled George W. Bush's push to fix Social Security in 2005, but given the complete inability of the Democrats to govern and their spectacular failures on the economy, that number of Senate seat pick-ups in 2012 is not impossible.

But start with the obvious GOP candidates to replace a Democratic senator, and spend this August getting to know them and indeed sending them some help from the ice cream fund. $10, $25, $50 or $100 matters enormously in getting organized and in the field for the 15 months ahead.

Here's my list of Senate candidates to support. My priorities reflect a combination of favorable assessment of the candidate's ideology and the closeness of the race, as I think the best dollar spent is the one that goes to tipping a close race towards a great candidate. The best approach is to pick a few of the candidates (all ofthem?) and send them each some early support:

Josh Mandel in Ohio

Adam Hasner in Florida

Ted Cruz in Texas

George Allen in Virginia

Denny Rehberg in Montana

Jon Bruning in Nebraska

Pete Hoekstra in Michigan

Rick Berg in North Dakota

Other potential pick-ups are in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Mexico and the disaster that is Barack Obama may yet open up other possibilities.

Four is the first magic number, so pick at least four and get involved.



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