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Permit Me A Diatribe

by Leo Donofrio

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Let’s talk about the Constitution.  This is a Document that provided the means by which justice could prevail.  Before it was created, there was slavery.  At first, the document allowed it to continue.  But the men who drafted it were humbled by the faith citizens had put in them and the blood of brothers who died for each other.  Their triumph over the tyranny of monarchs humbled them.  The creation of the nation changed them, changed the way they thought.

In order to end slavery, they needed to create jurisdiction over the South.  Thomas Jefferson and George Washington owned slaves.  After the revolution, Washington provided for their freedom and gave his entire estate to them to keep them free and safe.  The Revolution humbled him and changed him.

Some original provisions of the Constitution may seem counter-intuitive now, but in the end the Document was amended and slavery died.  Had they pushed too hard for it at first, there would never have been jurisdiction over the South.

The framers needed to create jurisdiction over the South thereby growing forces and using taxes available from the South.  Would Jefferson have commanded the respect of the South had he not owned slaves?  Food for thought.  It took longer than they hoped, but the Constitution got the job done and those who were previously slaves became equal citizens.

This week I’ve been listening to the Lincoln/Douglas debates.  Stephen Douglas makes me want to puke.  And some of the things Lincoln said do too.  But I am convinced Lincoln was playing chess the whole time.  He won that chess game, ended slavery and paid for that victory with a bullet to his skull.  Rest in peace, Abe.

Would slavery ever have ended had the Constitution not been written?  We don’t know.  But the world would be a very different place without the Document.  My point in all of this is to highlight just what a miracle of liberty the Constitution is.  It involved a process of thinking ahead and creative intuition.  It has kept this nation free, strong and proud.  Men willingly die for it.

So what it is to come of it?

We have told the world – rightfully – that our system of government is the best known to man.  We proclaim the public holiness of civil liberties in the Bill of Rights to all nations.  And hearing our call, the downtrodden flocked to us and made us great.

But as to those very liberties, the current federal occupants now say…”not so much”.  Suddenly, they tell us our jury system must no longer be available to us if one man – the President – decides we are to be taken in the middle of the night and locked in a small black box indefinitely and without due process of law.  (I don’t refer to the current President specifically, I refer to the office in general, and for decades to come.)

This is Constitutional depravity defined.

Why is this necessary? It’s certainly not.  Our system works brilliantly.  That’s why men die for it.
Our dear leaders now tells us in Senate Bill 1867 that we must forfeit our Constitutional safeguards.  Isn’t this a victory and concession to terrorists?  Because of their belligerent acts, our liberties are now required to be suspended?  How is that not a victory for terrorism?

True enemies hate our Constitution.  They know it stands as a wall of protection from foreign ideologies which we deplore.  And now our leaders are doing their dirty work for them.  I say that those who are taking our liberties away are in league with terrorists.  Treason can be indirect.  SB 1867 is treason.

But it’s not the first.  When Congress rendered the 5th Amendment power of presentment “obsolete”, that was treason.

And then we have the natural-born citizen clause.  They tell us that the children of Osama Bin Laden and Kim Jong Il can be Commander In Chief of our armed forces.  Would that not be treason?

The 1st Amendment protects against the establishment of religion.  But it still says “In God We Trust” on federal reserve notes.  The God mentioned on the dollar bill is not my God.  The symbols of the pyramid and the eye do not represent my faith.  So why are they there?  The 1st Amendment does not allow for them, but they remain.  If we sanction even one exception for religion, we are paving the way to a funeral for the 1st Amendment.  What if  the majority wants Sharia law?  What if the minority wants Satanism?  My Father in heaven has no need for money.  And he doesn’t require worship in Congress or any municipal place.

He only requires the pure silence of your hearts… but our Constitution requires your loudest proclamations of faith.  Raise up your voices as one.  Surround the Document.  Shield it for your posterity.  It is bleeding and its blood now stains the very lips of usurpation.  The time is nigh, America.

Make a stand.

Stop Senate Bill 1867.

-   Leo Donofrio, Esq.

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  1. So now, if this bill is signed into law, a certain kind of paradoxical irony arises in which a citizen can be detained until he or she dies, without due process, by way of a bill which was voted on by the very Senator who in turn was voted into office by the person being detained. Hmmmmmmm. Very interesting.