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On Saint Patrick’s Day, Archbishop Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Denver, participated in a symposium with reporters, sponsored by the Pew Foundation in Washington, DC. In the course of the symposium Sally Quinn, the notorius liberal columnist of the New York Times, stated that she, a non-Catholic, had received Holy Communion at the funeral of her friend Tim Russert because of her great respect for him. She asked Archbishop Chaput to comment.

Uncharacteristically, Archbishop Chaput gave a somewhat confused answer in which he stated that he had given Holy Communion to non-Catholics on occasion. I doubt that he ever deliberately gave Holy Communion to a non-Catholic. And I am even more confident that he has never given Holy Communion to someone he knew to be an obstinate and flagrant supporter/enabler of abortion-on-demand.

He mentioned the problem of funerals. It is a problem that funerals are emotionally charged celebrations of the Church’s Liturgy and that frequently the congregation contains both non-Catholics and Catholics who are notorious sinners.
I doubt that any minister of Holy Communion would ever know every person who comes up to receive Holy Communion on such occasions. And so it is possible that non-Catholics would unintentionally be given Holy Communion under such circumstances.

It is important to understand that it is a fundamental teaching of the Church that Holy Communion is not only a CAUSE of unity between the recipient and Christ and His Church, but it is also a SIGN OF THAT UNITY. Therefore, to give Holy Communion to a
non-Catholic is to dissemble, to pretend that there is a unity which really is not there.

Therefore, the practice is to give Holy Communion to anyone who presents himself/herself in the Communion line unless the minister recognizes that person as being a non-Catholic.
In the case of sinners the minister is presented with a problem. No one can judge whether the person asking for Holy Communion is in the state of Grace. Only the individual, and God, knows the answer to that question and so the minister would normally give Holy Communion and not engage in a public questioning of the state of the individual’s soul since the sinner might have recently gone to confession and been absolved of the guilt of his or her sins.

If the person requesting Holy Communion is a notorious and public sinner, scandal would be given to the congregation if the minister were to give Holy Communion. The minister should simply whisper to the person “I can only give you a blessing!” and then give the blessing and not give Holy Communion.

The possibility of difficult situations like those described above can be minimized if a simple announcement is made to the congregation just before the time for the distribution of Holy Communion at weddings, funerals, other such celebrations. An announcement such as:
“It is the discipline of the Catholic Church that only Catholics in good standing may receive Holy Communion because the Church believes and teaches that Holy Communion is both the cause and SIGN of unity with Jesus Christ and his Church. Therefore all others are asked to refrain from coming forward to receive Holy


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