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August 27, 2007 ( - On Saturday over one thousand pro-lifers met to protest before the recently erected facilities of what is said to be the nation's largest Planned Parenthood center in Aurora, Illinois, just outside Chicago.


For 36 years the pro-life movement has tried many ways to stop abortion, but
has failed to do so. Many pro-life people have labored heroically to
overturn Roe v. Wade by legal, constitutional, and legislative means with
little success in the belief that it is the best way. We are certain with
the new administration of the pro-abortion executive branch and congress
that the unborn have no hope that they will be given the same constitutional
protection in our country that all other human beings receive.

I believe our focus now has to be where it should have been from the
beginning, on ending the practice of abortion at the local level. The
pro-life people of Corpus Christi did this under the leadership of Rex Moses
and his dedicated mrmbers of the BODY OF CHRIST RESCUE in the late 80's and
early 90's, and we are blessed today with no commercial abortion clinics and
only Dr. Aquino who advertises for abortions.

Rome wasn't converted from the top down, and Constantine didn't impose
Christianity on the Roman Empire, but he acknowledged the spread of
Christianity, which had already begun to transform the empire from within,
not only without the support of the government, but often its active
opposition throughout the Age of the Martyrs.

At that time exposure and other forms of infanticide and of abortion were by
both chemical and mechanical means, Christians did not petition the Roman
Senate to outlaw such practices. Instead they converted souls, and preached
that the "way of life" that the converts had embraced meant that they could
not "kill a child by abortion or kill a newborn child."

For most of 2000 years abortion was regarded as abhorrent in Europe and
throughout the Christian world, not because laws had been passed against the
evils, but because Christians understood that one could not follow Christ
while killing " the least of these." Opinion polls indicate that
understanding has been lost among significant number of Christians in the
United States today, including sadly a majority of Catholics who voted for
the present pro-abortion administration and congress.

If today's Christians will not accept the clear and constant teaching of the
Church over two millennia, why would they respect any laws regarding
abortion? The culture of death that prevails among many Christians has been
aided by actions of federal and state governments, but its roots are in the
loss of faith. There can be no such thing as a "pro-choice Christian." One
cannot dissent from the Church's teaching on abortion without setting
themselves on the way of death.

The early Christians didn't preach to the society at large, but like St.
Paul addressed Christians in their communities, and we can learn from this.
We tend to focus on the 1.3 million abortions performed in the United States
at large every year, and find that overwhelming-and rightly so. But
abortions aren't preformed in the aggregate on the national level, but
rather one by one in many towns, and in the town of the Body of Christ.

We can spend time over the next four years blaming Barack Obama and Joe
Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and the pro-abortion Congress while ignoring the
fact that some of the people who sit in our church with us every Sunday
believe what these national politicians believe, or we can begin the process
of converting those who are Christians in name only, and setting our own
parishes and dioceses on the way of life. We can and should do so by our

You can join others in prayer and witness at the abortion clinic of Dr.
Aquino at 1901 Morgan and Cross-town expressway in Corpus Christi, Texas
where about 30 unborn
children are murdered every week. This pro-life effort is called 40 Days for
Life, sponsored by Corpus Christi Right to Life in union with 122 other U.S.
cities. The goal is to be present for prayer and witness to stop killing
innocent, helpless unborn children from 9am to 6pm daily except Saturday and
Sunday from February 25 to 5 April.

For information go to , and I will give
presentations on the Cultures of Life and Death at Most Precious Blood
parish hall in Corpus Christi during April and May at 7pm Tuesday evenings.

Cliff Zarsky, JD, KGCHS

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