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How could the failure of Chief Justice Roberts to lead Barack Obama accurately in his oath of office be more poignant? He skipped the word "faithfully," only remembering to insert it at the end of its phrase -- and prompted Obama to say, "President," not "of," but "to the United States of America." Before that, he appeared to want to rush through the oath, not hesitating after "I, Barack Hussein Obama," for that man to state his name only, in that turn, and let it hang for a moment in the air, before proceeding with "do solemnly swear."

The words "faithfully" and "of" are piercingly pertinent indeed, to this man who would be seen as America's president.

As the members of the Supreme Court departed from the lower Capitol building on their way to the ceremony, none appeared lighthearted to me, except Justice Clarence Thomas. No, they appeared somewhat burdened, to me.

They must know that what lies before them, being brought from numerous quarters now, is their duty to immediately decide to either abide by the Constitution under which they are sworn to administer justice, or to take a path of treacherous cowardice, by failing to hold Barack Obama and the process of selecting our Commander in Chief accountable to Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5. The point which pierces his presidency is that Obama is manifestly not faithful to the Constitution as a natural born Citizen of America.

Obama's attestation of respect for America's founding documents in this speech is of fundamental dishonesty, even if it carried some heartfelt sentiment. His behavior is antithetical to both the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution which rests upon it.

One recalls, this is the same man who quoted Jesus Christ, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'" (NIV) and in the same forum at Saddleback Church, claimed unaccountability for the innocent least of those among us, whose mass holocaust he has so aggressively championed and to lengths not even approached by some of his most avid pro-abortion comrades. He hardly adheres to America's essential Right to Life.

But, what can one expect, from a man whose very "candidacy" is so clearly an affront to the U.S. Constitution? Let us recite the temerity involved. 1. Obama was born a citizen of the United Kingdom, by natural, patrilineal inheritance. 2. He has hidden whatever actual and evidentiary documentation exists, of his place of birth. 3. He has even refused to submit any record of naturalization into U.S. Citizenship after it was revoked by his Indonesian citizenship as a youth. The overriding evidence indicates that Barack Obama is clearly not a natural born Citizen of the United States of America. Indeed the collection of evidence so far indicates he is not a U.S. Citizen at all and that Barack Obama is an impostor, a fictitious president.

Obama attempted to signal to America a recognition that private enterprise is the critical key to the American economy. Did what he said conflict with wild sounding charges of his Marxist orientation? If he does believe his own words, this is not really in conflict with the evidence cited in Investing Obama that he is a neo-Marxist, which may also be called fascist, by what that term actually means, or anarcho-syndicalist, or anarcho-communist. (In these cases "anarchist" does not mean someone who is against any government, but refers to an extreme and libertine element in the labor movement, intending to eventually force private business to give ownership to its workers.) The false ideal of egalitarianism, controlled by the state, remains the eventual goal of this movement. And the economic end result of this, ironically, is quite similar to a capitalist system corrupted into a controlling oligopoly or monopoly. In each case, one is either among the elite or is a virtual slave. Perhaps this gives the reader an idea of how so many of the wealthiest people in America and the world can also be funding and promoting the global socialist movement.

I will continue to pray for God's mercy and justice in America. And, as Scripture mandates, I will continue to submit to this nation's authorities -- which in essence, are its People, who are its Sovereigns. However, that mandate also refers to officials and in keeping with this, I will warn America of the need to free itself from a false presidency, illegitimately held by an usurper. As for Barack Obama, as all Americans should know, sometimes one must separate the corrupt person from his corrupt practices, in order to do what is best for him, as well as for others.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Inauguration Day - The Oath & The Speech
Chief Justice Roberts, the Supreme Court, and the Oath of Office
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