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Taxpayer Funds for International Abortion, Obama Priority One?

January 23, 2009
An Exclusive for Right Side News by JBWilliams ©2009 USA
One of many Bush Administration policies being immediately overturned by the new Obama cabal is the existing ban on the use of federal tax dollars to promote and fund abortions here and abroad.

Obama planned to sign an executive order pouring US taxpayer funds into abortion practices all over the world on his first day in office. But as the March for Life [1] on Washington DC was scheduled for January 21st, he decided to delay the signing of this peculiar executive order for a couple of days.

The March for Life has now passed and Obama is scheduled to sign the order today, January 23, 2009. [2]

As my dear friend Marie Jon chronicles in her Right Side News column, Obama - the Master of Infanticide [3], Obama has a long and distinguished history of supporting infanticide without condition or reservations of any kind.

On the issue of a mother's right to kill, no human being on earth is more liberal-minded than Barack Obama, supporting even the most brutal forms of late-term abortion, and even the death of children who somehow survived all attempts to abort and must now be deprived of life outside of the womb - a fully developed, living, breathing human being.

Now as president, Obama will sign an executive order allowing the use of federal tax revenue to fund and promote unrestrained infanticide around the globe. Most telling about Mr. Obama is the fact that a lion's share of these funds will be used to murder the young in his homeland of Africa. [4] And clearly, it is a high priority for him on this, his third day in office.

In Obama's inaugural speech, he said "America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because We The People have remained faithful to the ideals of our forbearers, and true to our founding documents."

Obama has never made a truer statement. Sadly, like all of his patriotic sounding statements, he did not mean a single word of it.

America's founding cornerstone document is our Declaration of Independence, upon which all else rests and which unequivocally states, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life..."

As has been the case throughout Obama's political career, his words are eloquent, but his deeds are deadly.

Our nation's founders understood - and therefore established for all future generations - that the cornerstone at the foundation of individual freedom is the protected right to innocent life itself, without which, no human being can even dream of freedom.

Although Obama's speechwriters know what buzz-words resonate with average Americans at campaign time, they also know that few Americans have the political savvy or attention span to realize that Obama's entire life is built upon fancy words and deadly deeds.

Even more troubling is Obama's personal commitment to Eugenics. [5] Today's liberals believe that they not only have the technology to improve upon God's human design, but the right to do it as well. They believe that they have the right to alienate the God-given and Founders' affirmed right to life in the name of a progressive greater communal good. [6]

It is on this basis that Mr. Obama will sign an executive order today, on his third day of unbridled political power, authorizing the use of US taxpayer revenue to fund the murder of the innocent unwanted around the globe, in pursuit of his idea of the utopian society.

It is this act that Obama believes, with his entire being, upholds the values recorded in our American founding documents. Yet this act is a direct violent affront to those very principles and values.

Obama claims that "this is the will of the people who sent him to Washington." Is it?

Most polling data on the subject of abortion fail to ask the questions at hand. Are most Americans pro-women's rights? Of course they are, seeing women as entirely equal to men in their fundamental unalienable rights enumerated in our founding documents. This is how the abortion question is most often falsely framed to generate the desired poll result.

Does this mean that most Americans believe in abortion on demand, infanticide or eugenics? Rarely taken detailed polls, in which the proper questions are asked, do not support this claim.

A full 74% of Americans believe in only a very restricted use of abortion, as in the real cases of rape, incest or defense of the mothers life, or in no right to abortion at all. [7]

Only 26% of Americans support the concept of unrestrained abortion on demand - 26% too many, who also have no understanding or respect for the unalienable right to life guaranteed every American human being.

Very few Americans support late-term abortion, post-delivery infanticide or the use of abortion to engineer a more desirable social order through eugenics. And almost NO American wants their tax dollars used to fund such insanity, here or anywhere else in the world.

Still, Obama not only supports all of these perverted forms of murder and mayhem, but he will sign an order today calling for the use of taxpayer dollars to fund and promote these insane ideas all over the world. Dollars largely collected from the 74% of Americans who oppose all of it.

I must ask my fellow Americans - specifically the 66 million American voters who put this guy in complete power - when the fundamental respect for the unalienable right to human life itself is erased from the whole of society, respect for what other unalienable right remains?

CNN should take a poll on how many Americans support Obama's use of their money to fund and promote the murder of millions of innocent unwanted children around the globe... but they will never, ever, take such a poll. Can you imagine the public outcry it would ignite?

Then they should poll the people and ask, - what kind of human being is capable of such things? And how did he become the leader of the free world, only to immediately rob the innocents of the world of their right to life itself?

In the first hours of his newfound power, Obama has used the president's pen to end the trials of and free known terrorists from military captivity, and, at the same time, damn millions of innocent children around the world to death, all in his bizarre mutilation of the concept of "humanity." This, he believes to be a Christian act... a worthy objective for the leader of the free world!

This is the new American president and this is a first 72-hour glimpse of how he intends to uphold, protect and preserve the foundational principles and values of what was once the greatest nation on earth.

If Americans will go along with this, they will go along with anything!

If life itself is not sacred, then nothing on earth is sacred anymore. There is no hope for a society capable of these things. It must be destroyed and I have no doubts that the Creator will exact the appropriate penalty for such an evil people.

Today, I share the sentiments recorded in this quote from Thomas Jefferson...

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever."

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