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The leaders of Cuba, Honduras, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela have [issued a Manifesto] had their say. After 500 years of Western Civilization added to the 3500 years of Native American civilization that came before—all those Olmecs and Mayas and Toltecs and Aztecs and Incas and Moches—here is their summation of all the ills of the world and what needs to be done to eliminate them.

Capitalism is “leading humanity and the planet to extinction.” Every year it consumes “one third more of what the planet is able to regenerate”. In fact, all threats to life, peace and harmony are due both to capitalism and to the decay of capitalism.

In a conclusion of compete idiocy these wretches who currently inflict themselves upon the Latin American people have signed off on this:

The global economic crisis, climate change, the food crisis and the energy crisis are the result of the decay of capitalism, which threatens to end life and the planet.

One wonders if there is anything left in the world that cannot be blamed upon capitalism. And naturally these über menschen have a plan—and anyone who has read even moderately in the history of Latin America knows that it is infected with ‘plans’. It reads like some childish version of a political and environmental Eden, missing only warnings about endangered polar bears. It can only impress those who are either illiterate or who call themselves “intellectuals.” We can gauge the depth of discernment and wisdom of the men who signed this thing by taking a look at the advice it proffers.

It recommends:

“solidarity and complementarity, not competition.”

Like the “solidarity” shown the Latin American masses by its ruling classes? There has hardly been a more exploitive and extractive governing class in history.

“a system in harmony with our mother earth and not plundering of human resources.”

The history of the lands south of the Rio Grande can be summarized by one word—plunder: A plunder of the weak by the strong, a plunder of the soil, of human dignity, of neighbors—all done by Latins to Latins.

“a system of cultural diversity and not cultural destruction and imposition of cultural values and lifestyles alien to the realities of our countries”.

That accurately describes the Spanish and Portuguese conquest that began with Cortez and Cabral 250 years before the formation of the United States.

“system of peace based on social justice and not on imperialist policies and war.”

There has scarcely been one Latin American nation since the days of Simón Bolívar that has not made war upon its neighbors. Many of these wars have been gruesome in the extreme. Even the much ballyhooed “wars of independence” were scarcely more than campaigns of rape, genocide, torture, mass slaughter and executions—all carried out by Latin Americans upon Latin Americans.

“in summary, a system that recovers the human condition of our societies and peoples and does not reduce them to mere consumers or merchandise.”

“Recover the human condition” of society? From when? From whom? From the Indigenous? Those of pre-Conquest Brazil were tribal, war mongering and cannibal. Indeed, cannibalism and war were two of the shared cultural habits of most Latin American Indians. The Aztec in particular took these to their most extreme in the history of man, at one point mass murdering and devouring at a rate of killing efficiency greater than that of Auschwitz.

In keeping with the sweeping irrationality of this declaration, the Latin American leaders demand that the US open her borders ever more widely.

“We condemn the discrimination against migrants in any of its forms. Migration is a human right, not a crime. Therefore, we request the United States government an urgent reform of its migration policies in order to stop deportations and massive raids and allow for reunion of families. We further demand the removal of the wall that separates and divides us, instead of uniting us.”

It is demanded of the very home of world-wide capitalism—the source of every evil on earth—that she remove any possible barrier to the teeming throngs of Latins who wish to move here. But why would any man wish to come to a place described as so degenerate and wicked by the Latin leaders themselves? And why do millions of Latin Americans wish to leave their homelands anyway? What can they not find there that they dream of finding in the US?

There is simply no reasoning with a mentality that believes such nonsense as written in that manifesto. From its first word to its last it is a tissue of gurgling idiocy, an extraordinary marvel of mendacity. It is not based upon reality but upon fantasy—and fantasy is one thing at which Latin Americans are expert. Take a look at their literature and you will see this immediately. The entire document reads like some fantastic tale by Gabriel García Márquez.

Latin America has never produced a Jefferson, a Madison or a Lincoln. There are no Latin American Bill Gates or Sam Waltons. Every one of its major urban centers is surrounded by rings of grotesque slums that almost rival those of Calcutta. The number of major cities where the drinking water is not polluted with human waste can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And after 500 years of political history, the best it can manage is Hugo Chavez.

That such men with such mentalities offer advice to anyone about anything is beyond absurd. The best thing these creatures can do to benefit the societies they rule is to take ropes, tie them to the nearest trees and hang themselves.

That is excellent advice to our own ruling class as well. The immediate economic, political and moral benefits to both Americans and Latins if their rulers left this world would be extraordinary and far reaching.

If you are looking for a way out of the mess we are in, you need look no further than that.
by Scipio
25 April 09


Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama
is a
because he is not eligible to be President of the United States
because he is not a Natural Born Citizen
as required by Article Two, Section One, Clause Five
of the United States Constitution.
This is a fact regardless of
where he was born (Mombassa, Hawaii, Chicago, or Mars).

He is not a Natural Born Citizen
because he was not born of
at the time of his birth.
His father was a subject/ciitizen
of Kenya/Great Britain at the time of his birth and afterwards.

His mother was too young to pass on her US citizenship
according to the law in effect when he was born.

Check it out:

His usurpation cannot be corrected by Congress,
it can only be corrected by his resignation, his removal
by an amendment to the Constitution
which will never happen.

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