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Notre Dame Obama Update: ND Board of Trustees to Meet on May 1st. Let's reach them and teach them.

April 24, 2009
Dear friend of Christ, of Life, and of Notre Dame:

I write to you in great haste from the frontlines of this battle. So much is happening... we've hardly had time to eat and sleep.

We have 7 full time volunteers on the ground in South Bend, and 25 part time volunteers. I will tell you soon some of the actions we are taking.
But first, here's some breaking news: on Friday, May 1, the entire Board of Trustees and Board of Fellows for the University of Notre Dame will convene at Notre Dame for a daylong meeting.

You can rest assured that the scandal involving President Obama speaking at this year's graduation will be a central point of discussion.

That being the case, we are asking you to let your voice be heard by these board members.

First, we are asking you to join us in a novena to St. Joseph. We began yesterday - April 23 - invoking him to give grace and courage to the board members so that they would do the right thing: cancel President Obama, and replace Father Jenkins.

Second - you can call or write any board member you want to. We have posted their addresses and phone numbers on our website. Call them! Be polite, but be firm in your insistence that President Obama be canceled, and Father Jenkins be replaced.

Third - and this will require some courage and quick planning on your part - we are asking you to join us in a vigil, or a protest, or a press conference in your area on April 29 or April 30.

April 29 is the feast day for St. Catherine of Siena! She was a great saint of God who made her mark in history largely by speaking to prelates and princes in clear, unequivocating declarations of God's truth.

Even if it is just you and three or four of your friends holding up signs saying: "Cancel Obama, Replace Jenkins!" you can have a great impact. Before you say "no," go to the website and read the "Marching Orders." Fear not! You can do it!

No matter what, please go to the website - and join us in the Novena to St. Joseph.

While you are there, take a look at the press clippings - and see for yourself the stir that we are deliberately creating around the country.

And then weigh your own heart and mind and see if you could lead a small protest and press conference in your area.

If you've never done anything like that before - don't worry - all of the instructions are written out plainly. Watch the new training video that we recently placed on the front page.

If we can get 20 or 30 or 40 press conferences around the country in the next week or 10 days, it will help keep this controversy alive, and it could help cause President Obama's speech to be canceled.

Remember - this battle will not be won in cyberspace. This battle will not be won because of e-mails and online petitions.

This battle will be won the way the battles were won by those who fought against segregation, and those who fought against slavery, and those who fought for women's voting rights. This battle will require great courage and sacrificial actions. I hope you'll join us.

Go to and see the new actions and news coverage.

I beg you to join us in this novena to St. Joseph.

Please pray for us.
Randall Terry

P.S. Invite your friends to go to this web site! We need some stout hearted warriors to join us in battle.

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